Stress Management & Community Development to Empower Women

AWAGO recognises that mental wellness is a core skill for any woman to be successful. During 2020, AWAGO has continued to deliver the Transcendental Meditation stress management programme to serve the mental health needs of women and children in Uganda. By giving vulnerable women and children access to Transcendental Meditation, AWAGO is able to reduce toxic stress and violence, overcome gender inequalities, further their education, and ultimately help them start businesses, get jobs, and improve their family’s overall quality of life.

A 2020 report demonstrate the AWAGO success story in the form of 1771 women’s lives transformed by its Stress Management programme, 849 children‘s lives transformed through Youth Empowerment, 496 school Resilience Workshop programmes serving the schoolchildren of Uganda, 127 Congolese refugees served through Refugee Mental Health Outreach, 85 scholarships given this year through the Graduation Initiative, and 78 first responders and health care workers served through Heal the Healers program. At the foundation of all of these programmes is Transcendental Meditation. (Source: Women Go Beyond, IMPACT REPORT, 2020)

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